Assholes clutter a good life

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Do you know how many assholes clutter this world?

Here’s the thing, we are supposed to take the high ground and let it go.  Let it be, etc, but you know what?  The assholes aren’t getting the message this way.

I am sure you have read about the “everyone gets a ribbon” syndrome that is plaguing American youth. Well this same idea, of not telling someone they suck, applies to assholes, jerks and rude people.

We ignore them. We take the high ground.  As a result they see no negative repercussions for their rude inconsiderate behavior. They think what they are doing is acceptable, a-okay, so they continue.  Most of these people have no person close enough to them who will say , “Hey knock it off, you’re being an asshole.”…..They live in this bubble of self- absorption, only thinking about their own needs as a primary focus of each and every waking moment.

So here is the question:  Do you call them out, or let them continue?  You know if they continue they will pass it on to their off-spring, thus we are promoting the trait.  Or do you protect your own well-being and peace of mind? In other words, let them live in their pathetic asshole lives and cut them out of your circles, and move on. ( thus living in a bubble of your own creation)

Yep, everyone knows an asshole, has seen an asshole, and encounters them frequently.  From what I see there appears to be a growing number of these characters around.  Are we somewhat to blame for allowing  them to exist?  Has our choice not to get “involved”with their low-life behavior embolden them?  Are we now “Asshole-Enablers?”  (AE groups starting at a church near you)

I see both sides of this coin.  I know I want a peaceful and kind life, but can I have that when I am not doing my part to squelch the jerk?  When I look the other way, am I being selfish by helping only myself and not society as a whole?

It’s like that show on T.V. calledWhat would you do?  Notoriously they have actors acting very badly, and they wait to see if anyone (any civilian in the area), will speak up.  Audiences are joyful, even tearful,  when someone stands up to the asshole and conversely the audience is totally disgusted when the people look the other way.

I believe it takes a village to raise a community, but those days appear to be gone for the most part.

I am positive I don’t have the answer here.  I am working on this one because I think we as a people have to start playing an active role in what we see and what we deem as acceptable in our communities and in our lives.  Sadly I am not yet ready to play in the mud, but some days I get real close.

Please let me know your thoughts on this one, I am very interested in all points of view.

What Gives Me Hope

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As hopeless as the world appears to be, as down I am about the holidays and my own personal problems.  I do get nuggets of hope.

I cherish these nuggets, because in my world, they are few and far between.  I tend to question everything with this one word: Why?

Why if we have the resources, why can’t we solve problems?  Why if we have the intelligence, why can’t we solve problems?  Why isn’t taking care of people in need a top priority in our world?

We are a powerful country, a wealthy country, home to super wealthy corporations, but we seem to have become a country of people who don’t really care. It appears we have learned to blame the victims, and look the other way, as if they are not our reflection.

Society reflects itself, we are exactly what we see.

Why or what has led us to believe that it’s A-O.K. to let the homeless suffer in our streets? What twisted message have we been hearing that has warped our humanity into a callous self-righteous existence? What religion supports this?  What government supports this? Why do we support this?

There but for the grace of God go I. - literally.

Mind you, I don’t believe that we as individuals think that this is right.  But when faced with the decision as to what should be done about it we get over whelmed, we don’t know how to help, and we end up doing nothing.  And by doing nothing, we are essentially turning our backs on people in need.

I don’t have much extra money, at the moment, but I am going to NYC tomorrow, and I will be taking twenty five dollar bills and handing them out  to homeless people.  I think I will make PB&J sandwiches to go along with the money.  A simple brown paper bag with a sandwich and a five.  I want to help, I want them to know that they are not forgotten.

So where’s the hope?

Where are the nuggets I spoke about?

The “hope-nuggets”  are people I meet who do good things.  They are individuals who are standing up and showing they care.  Many I know  in person, and others I know through on-line relationships.  Those are the hope-nuggets, real live people.  Individual people who are making a difference how ever they can.

Thank you for existing. Thank you for sharing, and never give up on making someone’s life better.  You restore my hope in humanity and you inspire me to be a better human being.  I am so grateful for all of you.


Inspiration:  “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. ” ~Gandhi

Holiday Lip Service

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It’s funny this time of year how people profess wishes for Peace on Earth, Joy to the World, and Love thy Neighbor and “There but for the Grace of God go I.”  Yet when push comes to shove, for many people all those sentiments seem to fly out the window without a shred of shame.

I, like the next person, falls into the trap of getting all caught up in my own life, and trying to get by and navigate some extremely tough terrain.  But I don’t have it that bad.  Uncomfortable, awkward, stressful, sure, but no one is trying to assault me, silence me (I take that back SOPA)  or kill me.  But I have been witnessing way too many things that I find so disturbing. I have to speak my mind.

When people cheered and applaud the record number of executions in Texas, I really wonder what has happened to people?  It made my stomach turn.  I lived in Texas.   Most people there are Christians.  Is that part of their belief system? To kill? Sister Helen Prejean would peacefully disagree.

And whether you agree or not with OWS – For centuries our soldiers have fought, been crippled, killed and tortured while fighting  to protect  the freedoms and rights of Americans to assemble peacefully and express their concerns. Young college students who were educated that peaceful demonstration was a civil right in America, were pepper-sprayed close range as if they were cockroaches.  And that’s okay?

homeless family lives in car - click photo for story

Gingrich says to OWS: ” Go get a job right after you take a bath” and the crowd enthusiastically applauds.  Last time I checked unemployment was one of the major problems in our economy.  Taking a bath gets you a job?  Does taking a bath and getting a job take corporate money out of politics?  Does it remedy the foreclosure crises that is killing entire neighborhoods? Does it fix the healthcare cluster-f*ck?  No it doesn’t.

On a main street scale; look at behavior on Black Friday. I mean seriously, how can anyone think Americans are a people with any character, dignity or integrity? Add in the ongoing of reports of adults at children’s sporting events getting into fist fights?  I’ll never forget the father who was beaten to death on the ice in front of his family at a children’s hockey game.  Let’s also remember the child predators who were free to abuse over and over again – or the many people over the years who turned a blind eye to the sexual assaults on vulnerable children.

And PLEASE watch this video about bullying in our towns and schools.

The unbelievable decline of civility and basic decency in our society is chilling.