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Today’s post is a “share.”

I don’t know many of you well, but I do know human nature.  And I think I can say with utter certainty that life is going to knock you down at least once in your life.  Way down.  And when it does, this blog post by James Altucher is here to help you.

You have to read the entire post (that’s an order) , which is worth every second of your attention to get to ” T ” which is pure genius:

” T)     Most important: When you have money, love, contentment, this is not when you have succeeded. These are the results. The trumpets are not blowing now. You’re sleeping and you don’t care. MOST IMPORTANT: the trumpets are blowing when you are at your lows and you take that next step forward. That is success. That is love of life. That is creativity and spirit and God.

When you are at the lowest, you are closest to God, to your faith, to a higher power, to an inner you. To whatever you want to call it. Nobody cares what you call it. This is your moment to shine, to show how much you’ve learned, to show how much you are able to succeed. There are no other moments as powerful. Please don’t waste them.

Please bookmark and share 20 ways to restore faith when everything goes wrong.  You never know who might really need this help on any given day.


Faith in Not Knowing.

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Time to sort my situations.  Laugh out loud at myself.  I am tired of sorting.  I’m tired of stuff.

Anyway, there is a “situation” that I do not like.  Details aren’t important.  The facts are – I can’t change the situation.  It’s a downer, not the end of the world, but not good nonetheless.  The only relief I can get is two-fold:  first and foremost I can concentrate on being grateful, and the second part is that I have to believe that things aren’t working out how I would like right now, because something better is meant to be.

This is nothing short of a leap of faith.  Faith in what you ask?  I don’t have a clue.  I follow my own path of spirituality, and it doesn’t have a name.  It doesn’t have any symbols or holy days, it’s just my own faith.  It’s not based on anything in particular, except perhaps the unknown.

It has taken me a lifetime to develop my faith, and now I need it and I have it.  So whatever it is, I am good with it.

Anyway, this situation is going to try to get the best of me.   But I am going to step back away from it, and do things differently.  This time I am going to throw my hands to the air and say;  “I give.  I have done all I can, I’ve done my best.  This is out of my control, please take the reins.”

Yep. That’s my BIG plan.  The challenges are temporary and I have faith that good will come my way.  That’s all I can do and this is what I believe.

Me having faith, who knew?

Tip: Practice acceptance and know that it is different from agreeing.

Inspiration: ” All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives.”~ Dalai Lama

One-thing one-day: Be kind today, and if you are down pull someone else up.