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You know what is really really frightening?

It really is scary to “not care.”  Like to just not give a rats ass about stuff.  All kinds of stuff -anything you can think of -stuff.

It’s not the same as surrendering, is it?  I don’t think so.  I don’t know.

All I know is I can not control anything, and it doesn’t matter what happens because there is nothing I can do about it.

I remember being preoccupied about so many things and trying to make everything just right.  I would stress, worry, panic, and in turn guess what happened in the end?  Nothing ever turned out “just right.”  Absolutely nothing.   

Worst nightmares became reality.   

It’s not like you or I can change the past no matter how hard we try.   And forget the future, that is way out of the human being’s capability.

There is only one thing we actually control; our minds.

We do choose our thoughts.  We can control whether we care about this, or that, or the other thing.  That is it.  Pretty simple.

I still don’t care much, but I know it’ is by my own choice.

I am ready, so ready,  to think nothing.  No thoughts.  This mind of mine needs a serious rest.



Happy Friday.

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Time for me to slow down and take it easy.  You too?  What a week.  It was eventful and productive but also tiring and stressful.  Sometimes I get so wound up I forget to live.  Friday is the perfect day to step back and embrace simple fun.  Don’t fret over the storage unit, the over stuffed garage or the gazillion photographs you need to sort.  Don’t think about the office, or the house.  No need to worry about anything.

Turn up the volume and enjoy!  Baby we were born to run.  *Special shout out to Clevelanders

Every Friday night at 6 PM. Born to Run.

“It was as if the weekend didn’t actually begin until Kid Leo told you it did.”

Two suggestion for today:

Number 1.)  Only spend your time or money on things that contribute to a fun experience.  Examples: Going to a party?  Buy some artisan bread or a few gallons of Vodka,  or both.  Take a personalized playlist to share with everyone.   Meeting a friend for coffee?  Talk about music, movies, vacations, or ideas and plans.  Keep your conversation positive and you’ll remember your time together fondly.   Alone?  Buy a movie ticket and go see a movie by yourself.  ( I have only done this once.  I felt like I was playing hookie from life.  I loved it.)

Number 2.)  Don’t waste your time or money on anything that brings you down.  Examples: Don’t watch the news.  Don’t pay bills, taxes, mortgages or anything like that on Friday.  Don’t pick up prescriptions and positively do not buy toiletries. (Toiletries take FUN out of everything.)  Be sure to stay away chore related items, like lawn bags, paint and detergent.  It can wait.

things aren’t important

TGIF. Friday is an awesome day.  Celebrate.  Live it today.

At 6:00PM I am playing this video really loud.  I swear I am and I will have a beer in my hand, just like way back then. ..and just knowing I am going to do this makes me feel good inside.


Tip: Smile, it’s Friday.

Inpiration: WMMS – Right up until his departure in 1988, Kid Leo played Born to Run as his signature sign-off song every Friday night: “Born to Run was the essence of everything I loved about Rock ‘n’ Roll.”-Kid Leo

One-Day one thing: Do at least one thing that reminds you of a fun experience from your past.