Start here

One day-0ne thing.
If you are just starting to simplify your life or if you need a boost, pick from the list below and do one thing.  No particular order necessary.

    1. Make a clothes give-away box
    2. Donate at least one pair of shoes you don like,use or need.
    3. Sort ancient family photos, offer to relatives.
    4. Delete old internet accounts, horrible digital photos and old emails.
    5. List at least one item on eBay, or donate, or ask a friend or acquaintance if they could use it or would like it.
    6. Don’t buy for the future.
    7. Do what ever you want. It’s simply Sunday.
    8. Recognize simple inspirations.
    9. Get rid of something small even though you have room for it, don’t fool yourself.
    10. Push through the days you are not motivated.
    11. Get educated on the new economy.
    12. Sort the people in your life, keep & don’t keep.
    13. Celebrate Friday like you used to.
    14. Clean out your closet, it’s a raging nightmare.
    15. Get rid of shoes you don’t wear or need.
    16. Look in deep into a mirror and clear the clutter in your soul, often called baggage.
    17. Don’t lose sight of your ideas and dreams and keep an open mind.
    18. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
    19. Write a novel, you have nothing better to do in November.
    20. Never say never, it’s better to sell than store.
    21. Gratitude will keep you sane.
    22. Emotional shopping, learn to recognize it for what it is.
    23. A temporary small step in the right direction is better than no step or stopping.
    24. Wake-up your senses alone.
    25. Don’t concern yourself with the past, keep a fresh outlook.
    26. Stay true to your own beliefs.
    27. Don’t give up, this isn’t an easy journey.
    28. Create change with small deeds.
    29. Clear your head of old fears and beliefs.
    30. Prepare for stressful times before they happen.
    31. It’s okay to be sad and cry, it wont last forever.
    32. Get back in the game take risks.
    33. Start over, right now fix your life.
    34. Even if you tried something 100 times and failed, go ahead and try again.
    35. Write a novel? It can be done, if you are willing to stop something else.
    36. Recognize what is working for you and stick with it.
    37. Learn to identify poison before you eat it.
    38. Our past never leaves us, we only have now to add more beautiful to ourselves.
    39. Learning I have everything I want.
    40. Your storage method determines the fate of all your stuff.

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