29 Days of Giving

On my first day, I gave a book to a friend of mine.  I didn’t hand it to her.  Instead I placed it in her car. I put  a small heart shaped note inside cut out  of brown paper bag that simply read: “I hope you enjoy this book- S”

One half hour later another friend asked if I would like a large dog chew in the shape of a cane.  She told me her dog didn’t like it.  I was taken aback and replied, “Well if you’re can’t use it, I am sure Ice and Batman would like it. I am looking forward to day two.

Here is an article of how it started

I have been listening to classical music while I drive lately.  I find it calms my soul and lets my mind relax.  Sometimes I imagine as I am driving that I am listening to the soundtrack of a movie.  All the scenery around me is part of the story.  I made a copy of my favorite classical CD and gave it to a friend of mine.  We see each other at the dog park and that is why I labeled it “Relaxation for Dogs”

Today I gave someone a memory.  I was in a room and the was an older man there. He was wearing his Alma mater golf shirt and jacket.  He looked pretty old so I stuck my nose into his business and asked him when he graduated.  He answer me.  I answered back and told him my parents went there too, and they were “mergers. ”  He smile broadly and said to his daughter, ” we were mergers too…”  (referring to his wife)  His daughter had no idea, not a clue,  what that meant.  He explained it to her with great pride, and thanked me for speaking up.  A *merger is a couple that marry and who attended the same university.  

Tradition has it that sweethearts who kiss under the arch at midnight while the light is on will eventually marry and be bound together forever. Miami alums that get married are called Miami Mergers.

Today, I gave my neighbor some moving boxes and packing paper.  I was sad to hear they were moving out, because we just moved in and they are very kind people with two nice young children.   I began my day uncertain as to what I would be giving.  All day I was thinking, “What can I give?”   When she told me they were moving it took me a few minutes but eventually it struck me…. she needs moving boxes and I have some in my garage.   I am slowly recognizing how this works.  I like it.

Today was a simple give, in addition to a Happy Birthday wish, I sent my daughter an article about leaving NYC.  You see in less than three weeks, she will be leaving the Big Apple after 5 years of intense study….and after 5 years of learning the ways of the city.  In other words, after learning how to be a “New Yorker.”

Today I gave an employee a side table originally from Ikea.  It was in our office and she borrowed it for her first thanksgiving last year.   She mentioned she still had it, and I figured….she likes it, she uses it, and less is more for me, so I told her to keep it if she wanted to.  She was really happy.  She told me it matched her dining set perfectly.  It’s no longer available at the store and I feel like it is going to a good home.  Everybody wins! Re-use!

Today I didn’t do as well but I still gave something.  I gave advice.  Not sure if it was completely helpful, but I think it got the other person thinking in a new direction.

Today I gave a sincere and truthful compliment to complete stranger.  Her infant girl, only four months old, was truly beautiful.  She really was, even while she battled the hiccups.

Another gift of music, this time for my Mother.  She listens to nothing but hate-filled political babble all night and all day while driving in her car.  I thought a CD was the perfect prescription for political overload.   She and I do not see eye to eye on anything political or social, or in general, but I know she enjoys good music and she never thinks to listen to it on her own.  Hopefully Mozart and Bach will give her ears a much needed reprieve from the political bullsh*t.

Today I gave my neighbor potting soil.  He had mentioned to me that he needed to re-pot some of his plants on his front porch.  I don’t know how much he needs but I have plenty.

Today I gave my Mom a ride to get her blood checked.  You see she is on blood thinners and they have to watch it so it doesn’t get too thin, or watery.  She did great, blood is in the normal range!


masterDay_12 copy

I’m giving hard cold cash to Red Cross for earthquake relief in Nepal. Because i am told that is the most useful item to give.  These people desperately need our prayers and help.  You can also donate here: IFRC


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