It’s Not about Money

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Don’t get me wrong , it’s about money to some extent but not the way you’d think.

It’s about assholes, and the people who raise them.  Doesn’t matter whether we are rich or if we are down on our luck the treatment we receive is no different.  And be aware that it’s not just me, and my family, who is on the receiving end of the  non-compassionate, lack of caring mocking bullshit.  Anyone they see as beneath them or who challenges them is fair game.  I won’t even repeat what they think of poor people in the inner city, or even worse liberals.

(I am very liberal, therefore I am basically unintelligent scum of the earth.)

One of them put up a news clipping on my mother’s refrigerator that was photo-copied from an ancient article.  It explains “Smart.”  It’s important for these people to see themselves as smart.  It also lists the percentages of people who are “retarded.”  Retarded!  That word hasn’t been used for decades.  And this is what they think is important enough to put on their refrigerator.

It’s been there for a couple years and it’s right next to our family photo.  Nice.

I’d like to believe that they are all sociopaths, because then it would provide a concrete explanation as to why these people show zero empathy and zero compassion for anyone but themselves.  When dealing with outsiders they make everything look wonderful, like Dexter (on SHO),exactly like Dexter (without the killing).

I don’t interact with them any longer.  Bare minimum of conversations, if any.  Not every ridiculous comment they make warrants a response.  At first when I stopped responding,  it got a little worse, now there’s just underlying seething.   Which isn’t pleasant, but it’s temporary.

There is something so deeply wrong that I can not begin to understand it.  But I did what every child does, I went overboard in kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness to try to win love.

This year I stopped.  Mind you I am a grown up with children of my own, yet it took me this long to catch on.

This is my last post on this, (even though may prove difficult for me but I am going to try.) I know they are never going to change.

I really have to let it go-0r I will go completely mad.

Tip: Let it go.

Inspiration: ” Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.” ~ Lillian Dickson

One-day one-thing: Let it go

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