When to Stop

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I don’t consider myself a type A personality, however I have tendencies to believe if I keep going at something I will get whatever it is I am after.  It’s a fleeting and temporary strong drive.  Which is really quite contrary to my reality.  On one hand I get super focused and all I can do is related to what I am thinking about at the time.  I tell myself, “don’t quit.”  keep trying, sometime will work out.   And then on the other hand,  all the previously POMs (projects of the moment) take back seat and don’t get accomplished and some even fall off the radar screen entirely.

She can't stop.

Yesterday was different.  It was my “free’ day to accomplish so many things, but I got side tracked by the house hunt.  That is a lot of work.  I am not a realtor, but I have access to all the tools on-line, and I actually do the work my Realtor should be doing.  Including the mapping, driving and researching all these homes.  It was another full day of disappointments.

One of the houses I considered had a price increase of 15k by the time I returned from looking at it.  ( second house I have looked at with a price increase)  Eff that.   It’s such bull sh*t, the entire real estate process is bull sh*t. (sorry for my language)

When I got back from our second round of looking, I hopped right back on the computer to search some more.  I was obsessed. And it didn’t make me happy.  I started thinking this isn’t working.  Some pretty little glitter fairly was tapping hitting me on the head, sending a message – “stop.”

Stop.  It’s a word I rarely use, unless I am talking to my animals, and even then I don’t say it enough.  We all know that “quitters never win, and winner never quit.”  Ugh.  Talk about ideas engrained in the brain.

But I am going to stop.  I am.  I blew my free day, and now I have more to do on my work days.  My commitment to finding a home was causing stress.  It was beginning to make me sad and slowly fueling resentment.  This is why I chose to stop.

I am falling back on the comics power(s), and letting it,( them?) bring the right house to me.  This is somewhat of a foreign concept to me, except in regards to parking spaces, but it’s what I have to do.  I’m letting go, surrendering and stopping.

I am proud of my new found ability to recognize what I was doing to myself mentally prior to an actual meltdown. This is great progress.

I would buy this awesome container to live in rather than any of house I've seen.

How will you recognize when it’s time to stop?  I don’t have a answer for everyone.  I barely have one for myself.  The only thing I know for sure is;  if you feel yourself becoming anxious, worried, and hopeless – STOP whatever you are doing.  Just stop.

The earth will keep turning, the sun will continue to rise and set as it should and you will still breathe.  Cheers!

Tip: Dreams and goals have to be in balance with your life in total.

Inspiration: ” I love deadlines.  I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”  ~Douglas Adams

One-day one-thing: Sort winter clothing including outer wear, gloves, hats and mittens. Donate to shelters before the first snow. :)

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