And Halloween was Over

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The costume came off.  Ms Rat wrote one chapter.  And on the second day I wasn’t ready to write chapter two.  So novel writing isn’t going to be my entertainment for November.   I still have my book and I have ideas that swim around in my head, but it’s about to get really hectic around here.  My mission for November is to manage everything – better.

When I boil it down.  The issue here is my ability to schedule time within time constraints which I can not change.  I don’t like constraints.  Or schedules, or a million other life circumstances that I can not control.

How can a chronic schedule hater change her ways?  Can it be done?  Yes!

(I’m not even buying that, but I will try)

I have decided to create different “day types” so I know the general schedule in my head.  I will start with two four categories.  The only days by name that mean anything to me are Friday and Sunday, all the other day names mean nothing so I won’t bother with that as part of my schedule. Instead, I’ll identify my days by colors.  Colors makes me happy.

Below I have created  four different colored days.  As time passes I will realize that I can’t do absolutely everything on a “yellow” day.  I believe this system will help me to recognize realistic limitations without stressing me out.  I am going to give it a try.

Full Day @ Office

Yellow: Full work days: wake early choices for that time: write, read, yoga, meditate and/or walk. Then to the office.

Part Office Day

Pinkish: Part time work days: wake early choices for that time:  write, read, yoga, meditate and/or walk, then dog park.  Then to the office.

Get things done

Purple: General shopping, vacation days, cleaning, simple chores, dog park, and maybe go out, this color day may represent traveling (driving) also.  Office only if absolutely necessary.

Usually Sundays - no commitments

Blue&Green: I do what I want, when ever I want + dog park  unless I am sick like with the flu or something then it a rest day.

That’s the plan.  I am good with this and if this is what it takes to reign in my expectations to fit with reality – so be it.  I’m like a 4 year-old that needs everything very simple.

I am tired right now.  I was up and at the airport by 5:30am.  I have a full day at the office ahead of me.  Definitely a yellow day.   Power up.  I can do this.  I’ve got ten minutes to get in the car and zoom.

benefit of getting up early

Tip: Don’t come un-glued when plans change or if you experience interruptions -just go with the flow.

Inspiration: “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”~Gloria Steinem

One-day one-thing: Listing some items on Ebay.

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