Faith in Not Knowing.

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Time to sort my situations.  Laugh out loud at myself.  I am tired of sorting.  I’m tired of stuff.

Anyway, there is a “situation” that I do not like.  Details aren’t important.  The facts are – I can’t change the situation.  It’s a downer, not the end of the world, but not good nonetheless.  The only relief I can get is two-fold:  first and foremost I can concentrate on being grateful, and the second part is that I have to believe that things aren’t working out how I would like right now, because something better is meant to be.

This is nothing short of a leap of faith.  Faith in what you ask?  I don’t have a clue.  I follow my own path of spirituality, and it doesn’t have a name.  It doesn’t have any symbols or holy days, it’s just my own faith.  It’s not based on anything in particular, except perhaps the unknown.

It has taken me a lifetime to develop my faith, and now I need it and I have it.  So whatever it is, I am good with it.

Anyway, this situation is going to try to get the best of me.   But I am going to step back away from it, and do things differently.  This time I am going to throw my hands to the air and say;  “I give.  I have done all I can, I’ve done my best.  This is out of my control, please take the reins.”

Yep. That’s my BIG plan.  The challenges are temporary and I have faith that good will come my way.  That’s all I can do and this is what I believe.

Me having faith, who knew?

Tip: Practice acceptance and know that it is different from agreeing.

Inspiration: ” All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives.”~ Dalai Lama

One-thing one-day: Be kind today, and if you are down pull someone else up.

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