Minimal motivation

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Just like any anything that requires a lot of work and anything that will take a long time, it’s difficult to stay motivated.

“One day -one thing” method keeps you on course but it doesn’t give you that rush of accomplishment.  Continue to do “one day -one thing,”… I am telling myself.

So the the new challenge is to find out what will keep a you [me] motivated.

I can tell you from experience a deadline has helped me, but not in this case.  You see, I don’t have a deadline for minimalism. It’s not a necessity of life, it a choice.  My only deadline is my life.  I pick and choose when I will have less stuff, how I want to shape my life and how soon I get there.

someone is loving the cold

Right this minute I want to blame the weather for my lack of motivation.  It’s cold. It’s been rainy for the last few weeks, and now it’s cold.  I hate the cold.  I want the sunshine and the free and easy wind pushing me to tackle the crap in the garage.  I am so sick of sh*tty weather, that I could scream.  Meanwhile, someone else is waking up in the same weather, saying, “What an awesome day I love this! Can’t wait for the leaves to fall.”  It’s all a matter of perspective, and what you choose to believe.

(I know my dogs are saying that right now.)

Only two sips of coffee in me at the moment, maybe things will get better.

So I am going to suck it up, get dress go to the park, and smile.  I will be happy there, I won’t get my sorting done.  But just maybe I can find that motivation I lack.  Because right now, I know,  the only thing holding me back is myself.

Tip: If you find yourself unmotivated find someone to help. Just do something to make it a better world today for someone else.

Inspiration: I love deadlines.  I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. ” ~Douglas Adams

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”  ~Author Unknown

One day – one thing: Today I am making a list of the things, the big things I know I want to keep.  This will help me to visualize exactly which BIG things I have to donate, sell, or toss.  Getting rid of something large is very rewarding. (belts on the other hand very un-rewarding even tho they put up a fight)

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