My Ugly Belts are Laughing at Me.

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Downsizing my wardrobe will  be very tough for me.  Because clothes, in the scheme of things, don’t take up much space.  For example, today  I was looking at my belts.  I don’t wear the majority of them, but then that voice in my head said, “Don’t sort those yet, they don’t take up any space, you don’t have to make those choices today.”  So I didn’t sort them……What?!?

The goal isn’t to keep things because I have the extra space.  That is what got me into this mess in the fist place.  Yet still after all this time,  my resolve, and all that I have been doing, reading and focusing on,  that little voice, that little hoarder voice was convincing me not to move forward.  Devil hoarder voice won.  I took my filled bag of give-away-clothes to the Good-Will and my belts stayed and lived on another day.

belts living large

Not only did the ugly belts survive,  but now I still get to see them.  Sad, but one hundred percent true, some of these belts I have NEVER even worn.  But I still kind of believe I would need one of them in the future.  I might.  It’s possible.  (it’s NOT possible) I think the belts are laughing at me behind my back.  Telling their little belt jokes.  I hate them.

Right now I am going to take a time-out and SNAP myself back to reality.  I mean seriously,what the h#ll?  If I was in a gym I would have earned a penalty of 25 push-ups or even worse burpees.

(back to reality – time to  face the core issue)

Unfortunately I can, and still could, make anything seem perfectible logical to buy, save, or even pick out of the trash for myself or for someone else.  In a matter of seconds,  I can present at least four perfect rationalizations that justify any acquisition,  whether it’s lavish or simply junk.  The very root of my problem is my acquisition rationalizations.  I can not let that continue.  I need my rationalizations to focus on my goal and my goal alone.  I need that voice to tell me why it’s better for me to donate, sell or throw away things.  That has to become my stronger voice.

The devil hoarder voice has lived inside me a long long time, and I don’t think it wants to leave.   I’m its host.  I gave that devil hoarder’s voice life.  Now I have to squelch it silent….for good.

The lesson here is the one I stress over and over again; do a little something each day in the right direction and soon you’ll be closer to living better with less.   Lesson served.  (to me)

Tip: Never go clothes shopping dressed in sweats.  This only makes you think you need everything you see.  Dress nicely, look good and feel good about yourself, and then ask “do I really need this?” – before buying anything new.

Inspiration: “Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets.”  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960

One day one thing: Sort belts today!

Miss Minimalist Wardrobe (Comment section is interesting also.)

3 thoughts on “My Ugly Belts are Laughing at Me.

    Sheila said:
    September 27, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Here is what I did because I understand your pain. Our clothes are an emotional sling. There are pants and blouses, dresses, belts….that we have relationships past and present with. Everytime we pick a piece up, there are memories connected. So if you have some that you haven’t even worn, you are really waiting to wear them.

    SO. Make a plan. Find and contact your nearest charity that has set up a place where women down on their luck, can go to find clothes for Job Interviews.

    I did and that made me weed my stuff down further. And remember, even if you may not wear something for an interview, it doesn’t mean someone else, won’t.

    Next, I weeded out the clothese and “Honestly” I was never going to wear again and I “Told” myself the truth this time. The things that I dreamed of wearing that were too small and so on….WOW did I finally get rid of a lot and I gave it all to a charity that I KNEW were more in touch with the homeless and not just Goodwill

      MsRat responded:
      September 27, 2011 at 5:10 pm

      Shelia , Thank you so much for mentioning the local charities. This is where our clothes will go from now on. I think I have been in the habit of Good-Will because they take almost everything, and it’s convenient, drive through (for me)…..blah. I can do better! You are so right about the various homeless shelters, battered women orgs and the fresh start orgs. I kind of forgot about all of them as an option. When I look at my “clothes/stuff” and can see someone else really benefiting it will make letting go easy. :) You are a smart cookie! Plus I’ll post about donation options in the future…. :)

    Exactly what are you going to do? « unpack the rat said:
    January 4, 2012 at 9:31 am

    […] If I told you that everything inside this house was sorted and reduced to a minimum I would be only playing make believe.  That would be easy to do, but it wouldn’t help me in any way.  Oh I know I said I can’t sell anything in a garage sale in the snow, but what about all those pesky little things…like my belts. […]

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