Who lives in your attic?

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Here’s an assortment of our attic people.  Who  are these people?  What did they do all day? Was smiling against the law?  That one dude is is kind of haunting, somehow I can’t look away- but I am positive he is not going to be hanging out on any wall of mine.

At any rate, these people put forth considerable effort to have these photos created.  They bought photo fancy clothes, hired a  photographer and picked out eloquent frames.  I don’t imagine they ever thought they would end up in my attic , let alone in a blog post.  They are kind of  scary looking to me.   I know think they in some way are related to my husband.  So he has to say “keep” or “rid” before I can proceed. Heavy sigh.

What I have done to move this process along is, I have taken digital photos of each picture.  (Tip: Taking photo of anything you get rid of, but still like, is a perfect solution; the item(s) lives on your hard drive and is easy to find if you ever want to revisit.)  Once we decide on the “rid” group I will email the photos  to my husband’s sisters and offer to ship them and that’s that. Mission accomplished.

Family heirlooms that are handed down, should be given more care, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hold on to them.  It’s your life, you didn’t ask for these things, remember no guilt.

Personally, I love taking photos blowing them up and framing them.  I had so many framed photos that my house had zero wall space left.  I have sorted through them once, and de-framed many, which makes storage and moving them easier.  Next step will be to sort and de-frame the remaining framed photos that are in the garage. This is a challenging area in this entire process, it can be very emotional and should be saved for a day you feel strong.

(I also  have thousands of printed photos (another task) of our family that were taken prior to the digital age, seen here.   The only good news is I can identify the people and places in my photos.)

Today is attic people. I must stay focused.  One-day one-thing. Cheers!

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